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Shivavilas Palace Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels near Hampi. It is situated in a valley amidst picturesque location in Sandur, which was once upon a time an erstwhile Princely State. Sandur is a peaceful valley surrounded by hills all around which Mahatma Gandhi described as an “Oasis” when he visited it in the early 1930’s.

The Sandur valley is like a giant fortress, encompassed by an impressive range of hills, with two natural gateways or narrow gorges on either side, connected by a volatile forest stream called Narihalla. The luxurious Shivavilas Palace, more commonly known as “The Palace” was rebuilt in the year 1941 and stands as a testimony to the rise of the kingdom. Built over a sprawling area of about 20 acres, the Palace has 2 floors of about 20,000 sqft each and houses 12 residential rooms which include two large Suites, a regular Suite and nine Deluxe Rooms.

The world Heritage site of Hampi is less than 45 minutes drive from the Shivavilas Palace. Hampi, the capital city of the Vijayanagar Kingdom is known for its enchanting and large sculptures, monolithic Stone carvings and well laid out city. There is no doubt that the traveler will feel like the King Or Queen during his/her stay at the luxurious Shivavilas Palace.


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