An oasis of luxurious and calming experience awaits as you visit the majestic Shivavilas Palace. Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi in all its glory while you stay at the unique palace in a lavish lifestyle.


Centre of the palace is the most astounding part as the central courtyard oozes splendour. A bronze statue of a lady with a lamp and parrot sitting quietly on her shoulder with a snake winding in her hair is the distinctiveness of the craft. Personally handcrafted and gifted by the King of Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu to the Maharaja, this magnificent piece of art is surrounded by a small flower shaped pool.

Darbar Hall

With distinctive collection of armour, weapons, artefacts and a grand silver-plated central throne flanked by taxidermied tigers, Darbar Hall is reminiscent of the imperial era. The grand entrance to the hall from the outer veranda transforms you back to the era the King used to greet his patrons in this quarter.


Mornings at the palace start with the royal musicians’ call for prayers at the temples of Lord Subramanya and Malahari Marthanda. At the entrance of the palace lie temples of Lord Subramanya and Malahari Marthanda with the ancient idols of Shivaji, Parvati, Shiva and Hubli Baba. The priest starts the longstanding tradition of daily invocation and every November, Karthik Poornima lights up the palace with its celebrations.

Vintage Car Museum

Resembling the symbol of aristocracy, the private collection of vintage wheels adds charm to the palace. From the gleaming Mercedes Benz S 230 (1965-66) to 1943 Ford GPW Jeep, 1961 Willys Station Wagon and the 1932 Dodge Brothers with ‘Sandur 1’, this is one of the most intriguing corners of the palace.


The spectacularly organized walled shelves of the palace library are packed with books from history, classics in English, law and nature. The central reading table has travel themed books and magazines. Besides, find the books authored by M.Y Ghorpade and many other books, including ‘Divine Glory’, ‘A Profile in Courage’ and ‘Development Ethos and Experience’ that give you further insights about Shivavilas Palace.

Bar and Billiards Room

The alluring original full size John Roberts & Co billiards and snooker table are assembled in the middle of the Jungle Bar and Billiards room. The hotel is yet to receive its liquor license, but refreshments and soft drinks are served here. The Maharaja’s glory is framed with hunted game and curios and posters adorn the walls. The ambience of this bar reflects the name itself with taxidermied fox, wild boar, buffaloes and a full sized black bear reminding the yesteryears of the royal family.


Amidst the tranquility and small thicket of green lies the Spa of Shivavilas Palace. Infused with peacefulness, the spa offers Ayurvedic massages for full body, head, arms, legs and feet that can be booked in advance. Each treatment in the spa indulges with traditional Ayurvedic philosophy and techniques along with indigenous ingredients to provide the finest treatment experience. Our skilled masseurs ensure refreshment and rejuvenation. Though the trained masseurs arrive from Sandur town, thus, it is recommended to book your appointment in advance to make prearrangement.

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