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An ancient village nestled on the banks of Tungabhadra River, Hampi is an UNESCO world heritage site known for the ruins of temples, forts, palaces and a lot of ancient architecture. The prehistoric markets, remains of aquatic structures, and treasury building, together makes Hampi a highly attractive tourist destination in India. Apart from this primaeval period architecture, the city is also known for its antique handicrafts and ancient markets layout.


Shopping is a kind of soul to every trip. And to make your soul happy on the trip to Hampi, buy some handicrafts from the local markets. To make it easy for you about what is the best thing to buy. We have made a list of 5 distinctive things to buy from the Hampi market. Also, the hotels in Hampi near market will be best for you especially if you want to live near the tourist destinations. But first let’s check how much space should be kept in your luggages for the soveingers from this ancient village.


  • Lambani crafts

The crafts items such as bags, wallets, jewellery, patches, and belts made from brightly coloured fabric brewed with mirrors, metal balls, and antique coins are known as Lambani crafts. These are hand-crafted by the women of the Lambani community. You will find quilts, bed covers and many more items with this kind of artwork. These traditional yet chic crafts will grace your outfits and homes. So, buy at least a single piece from them.


  • Stone artefacts

The hand-crafted artefacts from hampi are well known as they are totally made with love and remembrance. You will find various vendors selling stone artefacts which are either dummy of the ruins of hampi or figureness of a god. Apart from them, you will find various stone bowls and oil lamps that you can bring back home as a memory of the place.


  • Banana Fiber crafts

This ancient village in Karnataka is famous for banana fibre crafts as its crop is quite famous in this region. The fibre is unsheathed from the crop and then is transformed into creative crafts like bags, baskets, cushion covers and pen-stands.


  • Musical Instruments

Apart from creatively made crafts and artefacts, you will find shops selling musical instruments. The collection of the instruments is just spectacular. From simple handcrafted flute, djembe to the latest perfections, you will find everything.


  • Leather crafts

Not so unique yet famous things that you can shop for Hampi is Leather bags, puppets, footwear and other leather made accessories. You can easily find shops selling leather crafts in Hippie island and the market near Virupaksha temple.


Apart from shopping, there are a variety of places to be explored in this old time capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Indulge yourself in exploring Hippie Island, visit Lotus Mahal, witness spectacular sunsets, and ride a ferry on the Red river. Don’t forget to try the mouthwatering local cuisines such as saaru, badanekayi , authentic south Indian delicacies and chicken curry if you are a meat lover.


While looking out for hotels in Hampi near market, do check out Shiva villas. A majestic site which was converted into a heritage hotel, Shiva Villas is one of the luxurious and exquisite hotels in hampi. We offer deluxe and suite rooms with a blend of tradition, periodic charm and modern amenities along with comfort. This palace converted into a legacy hotel is surrounded by the ruins of Vijayanagara Kingdom, giving you some magnificent views.


5 Distinctive Things To Buy From Hampi Market


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