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While looking for hotels in Hampi, one can choose to go with Shiva Vilas palace. This hotel has the perfect blend of comfort and grandeur and is one of the best hotels in Hampi.


During your stay at Shiva Vilas palace, one can plan to visit the highly famous Shri Kumaraswamy temple.


Shri Kumaraswamy temple is situated in the southwest and is linked to the town of Sandur by road. The temple complex encompasses separate shines dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Kumaraswami. The temple also houses a vigraha of Lord Ganesha, who is gaining popularity among the masses these days, even more than the main deity Kartikeya.


The journey to the temple from the hotel takes about 30 minutes. To get there, one must take the curvy road next to the gas station on the left. As of the end of March 2018, road construction was in full swing. Even though the path goes straight to the shrine, one must keep in mind that it is a hilly road. The final few miles have a significant ascent. Due to local mining activity limits, driving is currently rather simple. Otherwise, due to the lorries on the narrow route, driving must be done carefully. Small hamlets are passed through on the route.

 It's a historic temple in a tranquil, perfect setting. If one stays away from the holiday days, it is pretty quiet and serene. he temple allows for serene, leisurely prayer.

Here, there are two deities: Kumarswamy and Parvati. In the seventh century, during the Chalukyan era, the Parvati temple was built. The Rashtrakutas built Shri Kumaraswamy temple in the ninth century.


So dont wait and book an experience to see history through the beauty of the temples!!



Shri Kumaraswamy Temple Hotels In Hampi


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