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The ancient land of temples and a UNESCO world heritage site,Hampi is located on the bank of River Tungabhadra. With being one of the most attractive tourist destinations for decades, the city is filled with temples from the 7th century, ruins of forts, and various mystical monuments that draws one’s curiousness to this heritage city, moreover, which was once the capital of the grand Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi every year welcomes more than half a million tourists, including international travelers, and narrates its magical legends through its architecture, streets, and humongous stone sculptures. Hampi is also surrounded by many other prominent princely towns, like Sandur that hold historical importance.

The nearest domestic airport to Hampi is Hubli airport, around 166km away, and offers cab services to the city. Another way to arrive at Hampi is through private buses that connect various big and small cities to Hampi or a road trip to Hampi along with your friends and family can be an even better option. The widespread Indian railways also connect Hampi to other prominent cities through long-distance express and passenger trains. The nearest station to Hampi is the Hospet junction. After reaching the Hospet junction, all you have to do is enjoy a 10 km long bus ride to the land of ancient ruins.

Further, located almost an hour away from Hampi is another princely state, Sandur, which is surrounded by mountains and embodies the legacy of the royal family of Sandur. Sandur is one of the prime locations for travelers to escape the urban rush and experience the unique royal life at Shivavilas Palace. 

Previously, an abode of the Royal families, the palace offers its patrons a blend of extravagant royal lifestyle and modern facilities and services. After a long day of discovering Hampi and its tales, a cup of evening tea in the magnificent courtyard, followed by an elaborate multi-cuisine dinner is the epitome of luxury seems like a once in a lifetime experience.

It does not end here. The lavish royal suites and deluxe rooms decorated with antique furniture and opulent paintings will make you feel no less than a king or queen. The vintage photographs on display in different sections of the palace portray the bravery and pride of the royals, which is the foundation of the Shivavilas Palace.

Hampi is more than just ruins and old legends. While you spend your time here, make sure to get the complete royal experience at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel that you’ll find nowhere else.  


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